Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Pizza Pie

Day 78

I had wanted to be up stupid early to get the 5:30 am train to Naples, only the guy at the hostel told me that there was no way of getting to the train station at that time. I was forced to sleep in and take the 10 am train instead. It was a four hour long train and I had a middle seat. This made it hard to write and uncomfortable to read. It was irritating that the people who had tables were not using them but watched me try to balance everything.

The hostel that I was at in Naples was called Giovanni's Home. It was truly more like a homestay than a hostel. Giovanni gave me a map and about an hour long rundown about traveling in Naples. This included from what to see, what to not see, to what areas not to go in.

As my train had once again been late it was too late to do anything. Instead I treated myself to a pasta with seafood dish at a nearby restaurant. Either the dinner didn't agree with me or I had picked up some sort of bug because I couldn't keep anything down that night. I went to sleep early hoping that I would feel better the next day. Two days with little activity made me a bit upset.

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