Monday, May 19, 2008


Day 67

I slept late, later than I had wanted and later than my midnight bedtime warranted. It didn’t really matter though, I didn’t have a clue about what to do with myself. It was Monday and all of the museums were closed, in fact, some of the stores and restaurants were even closed. Weird.

After some aimless wandering and a fruitless search for a new pair of jeans (my have a few holes) I took a cappuccino break to regroup and figure out what to do with myself.

Ortigia is a very small island that is connected by boat to Siracusa. I think that it’s the oldest bit of town and it is certainty the most attractive. You can also get really good views of the water all around it. Feeling like there was very little other choice I spent a few hours exploring just about every street. At one point I found an aquarium, but the woman there seemed more interested in her phone conversation and after several minutes I simply wandered away.

Back at the hostel there were two empty beds in my room. Dorothee and the rude Irish chick had left. I spent some time reading before Katrina and Summer wandered in. They were sisters from Kansas. Katrina had been teaching a group of American students and Summer was along for the ride. We got to talking and decided to find some food. The kabob place was closed and the only other cheep option was to hit up the grocery store. Our hostel didn’t have a kitchen so we ended up with some pretty interesting dinners.

Almost as soon as we had gotten back Christina came in, she had picked up a grocery store meal as well. We made a little picnic in our room. We spent a really long time talking. When it got later Katrina was ready for sleep so the three of us headed downstairs to the common room.

We ate in our room because the cable guy was in the common room earlier. I was amazed to find that they had sky cable. We got to watch the Simpsons, Southpark, CSI and Sex in the City all in English! Summer and Christina retired long before I could get my eyes off of the tv. Too soon there was nothing left to watch and I headed upstairs myself.

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