Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wandering the Maze

Day 58
I was up early, but the sound of the rain and the warmth of my bed made me lazy. Eventually I got up to see the Alhambra. Instead I decided to spend the day wandering the labyrinth of streets and eventually ending up at the cathedral.

The Albaicin was almost as confusing as Fez. The Moors had left their trace everywhere. At one point I even found a Moroccan souk. When I entered the cathedral it took just a minute to realize that there was a wedding going on. What was appalling was that despite that there were still tourists milling around and taking pictures. I decided to come back later. When I did return about 5 hours later there was another wedding going on and I just decided to give up on it.

While wandering I stumbled on an old hospital. Paintings ringed the Moorish courtyard. I met some Americans here who told me that they waited in live for over 2 hours at the Alhambra and were lucky to have gotten tickets. They suggested getting mine online.

With that piece of advice in mind I headed to an internet cafe. I wasn´t able to get a ticket online, but I did manage to get some blog work done. I took care of the rest of my work for the day by getting a bus ticket to Valencia for the following evening.

That night I went out with a group of people from the hostel for tapas. I didn´t stay long though, I had to be up very early. When I went to sleep I thought that would be the end of the story. I was very very wrong.

Around 3 am the rest of the people came back. One of the Spanish guys was very drunk and yelling loudly. For some reason he was also moving furniture around. He then went to the bathroom leaving both the door to the bathroom and dorm room open. I could see him almost fall out the window before I heard him throwing up for about 40 minutes. I never managed to fall back to sleep after this.

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