Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sex in the (Roman) City or OMG I saw Tom Hanks!

Day 84

I got up early and said goodbye to Giovanni. He gave me a hug and told me to come back any time I would like. As I was killing time waiting for my train to Rome a guy come up and told me that his wallet had been stolen and asked if I could support him. He actually said support. I told him that I had lost money in Naples as well and asked if he would like to give me some money. He looked confused and then he asked if I could at least give him a euro. I told him to get away from me and he asked why. I answered because I wasn't going to give him anything so he mind as well stop wasting both of our times. He left at this.

The train ride was really uneventful, I simply watched ANTM on my ipod. When I got to Rome Termini I was wondering if it would be the same. It did look the same, just like every other train station I have been to, just busier. There was no time to dawdle though, I was a woman on a mission.

I found my hostel very quickly and as soon as I had dropped my stuff I was back out on the town. I had to find a movie theater that played original language films. Sex and the City had been out five whole days and I had not yet been able to see it. When I found the theater I realized that it did not open until 4pm and that I had about 4 hours to kill.

In a nearby square it looked like they were filming something. I asked what it was but the answer I got was in Italian. I figured that it wasn't American and didn't matter.

I didn't want to visit something new in my distracted mood, so I simply went to the Vatican. I had been there before and figured that it would be a good way to pass the time. While I was in the very long but fast moving line an Italian couple tried to but in front of me. I wasn't having any of it and told them to back off. The woman said to me that she is Italy. I said no, not Italy very rude. After that they stopped pushing me. Who the heck buts in line at a church!

St. Peters was exactly the same as I remembered it. I took pictures of the statues and mosaics that I am pretty sure I already have. What I had not seen before was the popes crypt below the cathedral. It was pretty amazing to see graves here from about the last 1000 years. St. Peters was only built about 400 years ago, I wonder if the tombs were brought in or if they came from an older church.

One I had finished this I slowly wandered back to the theater. I took pictures of the various random ruins that I ran past, along with Augustus' mausoleum. When I got back to the theater I still had time to kill and I went back to the square I had been in before. The movie set had moved and had gotten much larger. I noticed that they were all speaking American English. Curious I spent some time trying to see if I recognized anyone. I thought that I saw Ron Howard, but didn't know his face well enough to be sure. One of the actors under a shady tent and some ways from me looked a lot like Tom Hanks, but I couldn't be sure. I asked again what they were filming. It turns out that it was Tom Hanks and that they were filming Angels and Demons. I never got a good picture of him, but I did get a few good looks before I had to leave. Even Tom Hanks couldn't keep me away from Sex in the City.

The movie was wonderful, I couldn't have asked for better, everyone should go and see it!

That night I ended up at a pub crawl with a few people from the hostel. I even got a free t-shirt. However, it wasn't that much fun. I think that I might have outgrown these things a bit. I left early and walked back to the hostel through a quiet Rome.

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