Monday, June 16, 2008

Star Crossed Lovers

Day 97

My alarm went off early and I contemplated turning it off. However, there is much to see and do and I knew that if I did ignore it I would be upset with myself later. Unlike tow households, both alike in dignity, this hostel only had one bathroom for about 30 people and I spent some time waiting.

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, I was confused and picked a direction at random. I had guessed right and was soon at the town gates. In the main square was a rather large Roman arena where ancient grudge breaks to new mutiny, as it is still in use. Only the shell is original, the seats have all been redone.

While I was enjoying the view from the top civil blood almost made civil hands unclean when a large German man didn't see me and almost knocked me over the railing.

At this point I felt I should leave. On the way to my next destination I passed a place with about a million types of gellato. From forth the loins of these two foes, the desire to eat ice cream but not get the calories, I compromised with myself and only got a small cone.

Soon I came to Juliet's house, here was the balcony that caused two star crossed lovers to take their lives. Only this could have not possibly been true, as Romeo and Juliet is a fictional play. Those who came believing they hype are in for misadventures and piteous overthrows. I did however read the museum description. Apparently it is actually a 14th century house. Some of the rooms are decorated in the style of the time, while others concentrate on various depictions of Shakespheres play. The famous balcony is thought to be part of a sarcophagus.

Just a bit down the road were some ruins that had a memorial on them. It turns out that a boy was recently attacked and killed by a gang. From the multilingual letters and poems it seems that his death buried strife by uniting the community. The fearful passaged of his death had been marked with love and a public outcry.

It was after some two hours traffic of Verona's streets that I was able to locate Romeos house. This was not a museum, and there wasn't any information on it.

To which, at this point, my patient ears could no longer attend the drove of package tourists and I headed back to the train station. I know that there are things here that I shall miss, but my toils shall strive to mend this though particularly bad writing and awkwardly inserted lines of Shakesphere.

Kaitlyn and I had plans, but she wasn't around when I got back so I went to the internet cafe to watch some more ANTM. When I got back with went out with another American named Jered to a nearby Irish pub. We all had early mornings though and did not stay late.

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