Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vorwärts Hat Gebunden

Day 106
I was up early and packed my stuff up quickly. After saying goodbye and thanking Stu for letting me crash I was off to the train station. My next base would be Interlaken. Interlaken is where people go to do adventure sports. I don't do things like that and was just planning on using it as a base to get to other cities around Switzerland. W
hen I saw the prices for the different activities I decided that there was just no way I would be taking part in any of those things.

By the time I had gotten there and checked in I was feeling a bit tired and didn't really want to get right back on the train and walk around another city. Therefore I just sort of wandered. Interlaken is small, so this didn't take a whole lot of time. While I was walking around I saw a bunch of people paragliding. It looked like fun, more fun than I would have thought.

By the time I was back at the hostel and watching a movie over dinner I had decided that I would go paragliding in the morning. You only live once, well, that is until you go paraglding right? I also wanted to try and challenge not my fear of heights, but my dislike of adventure sports. Then it started to rain, hard. I was worried that it will still be gross and cloudy in the morning. Paragliding would be a waste of time if this was the case. The whole point would be for the view.

After watching tv and then Orange County with some Brits I headed down to the night club. The Germany verses Turkey game was on and I wanted to see it. I was happy, and not at all surprised when Germany won. When this happened the night club turned into an actual night club and I lost interest in it. It was late anyways and if I was going paragliding I would need to be up early.

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