Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Week, New Country

Day 138
I hadn´t slept well, I´m not really sure why. People were quiet, it was just me. After breakfast I packed and headed to the train station. This is where the confusion began. Apparently the train I wanted didn´t leave from Amsterdam on Sunday´s, but rather from Utrecht. It took me asking three different people to figure this one out and I managed to make it to Utrecht with just enough time to buy a sandwich and run for the train.

I was heading to my next city and next country, I was going to Cologne, Germany. It had been 6 years since my last visit to Germany and I was really excited to be back. Finally a place where I could actually read a bit of the signs and knew most of what the menu´s said. That´s really the extent of my German though, except for the numbers and some other, random words.

I had picked Cologne because it was a good central base for a few of the other cities that I wanted to visit. It also has a fabulous cathedral, the best in Germany actually. I took a brief stroll through the cathedral, but I had missed the English guided tour for the day and decided that I would come back the next day for that. I also wasn´t really in the mood to eat ten pounds of chocolate as I would do at the other museum I wanted to see. I decided to simply wander aimlessly for about 4 hours. I like Cologne. It´s a fairly attractive city with some nice parks to people watch in and a lot of places to people watch. For some reason there is also a very large upside down ice cream cone on one of the buildings.

After I had some dinner I decided to see Get Smart. It was pretty good. I just wish I remembered more of the reruns I had watched as a kid so that I could compare. It was after midnight when the movie ended. There didn´t seem to be much going on at the hostel bar so I simply headed to bed.

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