Friday, August 22, 2008

3rd Times a Charm

Day 164
After about ten hours on the train I finally disembarked at Paris Nord. This was my third time in Paris on this trip but the first time I would see anything more than train stations. After walking to Gare du l’est I hopped on another train. This time for not quite 30 minutes. After that I made a quick phone call and just a few minutes later my ride arrived.

My Uncle Steven lived in Paris for about 12 years. During that time he met his wife Myna. They live in Florida now. Myrna’s sister, Eliane lives with her husband Rene and daughters Deborah and Johanna is a small town just outside of Paris called Lagny Thorigny. They were very nicely letting me stay with them for the next week. August certainly has been a nice month for this.

I had met everyone 6 years ago when I stayed with Uncle Steven for a week here. I was shocked at how tall Johanna and Deborah had gotten, they were both taller than me! The last time I had seen them they were 10 and 7 years old.

After a fabulous lunch and a few hours spent chatting with Eliane I headed into Paris to check out the Shakespeare and Co. bookstore. I was desperate for new books. After picking out a few things I headed right back to Lagny. I lucked out and got there just in time for dinner. After a lot more chatting I headed up to sleep feeling very much at home.

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