Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cats and Dogs

Day 166
It was raining when I got up. Yuck. Eliane and I spent a lot of time chatting over breakfast and it was quite late when I got going. I didn’t want to wander around in the rain so I headed straight to the Cluny Museum.

The Cluny holds an assortment of medieval artifacts. It began with some Islamic inspired art. I had no idea that the Moorish influence had traveled so far north. One room glowed with stained glass windows. The sculptures in the next room had belonged in Notre Dame at some point. Most of the rooms seemed to contain sculptures in various levels of wear and tear.

One room had a tapestry that told a story. I decided to make up my own to see how close I could get. Once upon a time there was a princess, she had lots of pets. She liked her unicorn best and often pet him. This made her monkey very jealous. To gain attention the monkey climbed on the princess. She punished him by putting a chain around his neck. In the end all was forgiven and they all had a big party under a tent. The set was actually about the five senses. I think mine was better.

Upstairs there was a collection of everyday things including bits of shoes and bowls. I liked the paintings the best. I have finally gotten to a point where I can appreciate religious art out of a church. This was a pretty fabulous museum, it also helped that I was given the under 25 price without even asking!

When I had finished with the museum I grabbed some lunch and worked on my journal. It was still raining and I decided to spend the rest of the day doing that, just catching up. After lunch I had a cup of tea to help me write.

I had hoped that the rain would stop and that I would be able to wander a bit, but this never happened. In the end I just headed back. Dinner was once again wonderful and the chatting even better. Eliane is a whole lot of fun to talk to. I also spent some time with blog before calling it a night.

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