Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bazarro World

Day 205
By breakfast time I was pretty much all packed up. There were loads of buses to Vilnius so I wasn't on a time schedule. I decided to pull myself away from Animal Planet and actually get some blogging done while I had free internet. I am really mad at myself for getting so far behind with the blog. This needs to stop, not the blog, being behind.

By the grace of the travel gods I made it to the bus station on my first try and only had to wait about 10 minutes for a bus. I watched Walk the Line to entertain myself on the just over an hour trip. I found my hostel with no problems and changed my booking from 3 nights to 2. My next destination was way further away than I had thought.

As it was rather late in the day and the guy at the front desk had said he would take out whoever wanted to go I decided to spend the evening deciding on a plan for the next night, making dinner and blogging. I also spent some time chatting with the other people in the hostel.

There was a group of Belorussian guys in the room off of the common room. I could hear them yelling and screaming at one another. At one point they were so loud that the hostel called the cops on them. After they arrived there was more silence. I was in and out of the common room so I don't know if the cops were still around when this happened. I was writing when I heard a noise behind me. One of the guys was out of the room, he had a huge bump on his head and there was blood everywhere. I had never seen so much blood. Apparently, the night before, he had tried to feel up another woman in the bar. I didn't want to be alone with him but to leave I had to walk by him. He didn't even notice me. There was just so much blood it was unbelievable. It wasn't long before an ambulance came and took him away.

The guy at the hostel was really ready for a drink when his shift ended. He took me and a Swedish couple in their late 50's to a jazz club. The music was live and it was pretty good. The Swedes were pretty drunk though and the man was a bit offensive. I was pretty happy when they decided they were took drunk and left. The hostel guy and I moved tables to join some of his friends. They were quite friendly, but we didn't stay long. Hostel guy was telling me that I should stay at his sisters the following night and I was trying to figure out his motives. Hostel guy was nice enough to walk me back before heading home himself.

This had been an extremely odd evening and I fell into bed exhausted.

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