Saturday, October 4, 2008

Get Me Out of Here!

Day 207
I woke up around 9 and got my act together. I packed up quickly and put my things into storage before heading to the bus station. I was headed to Traki Castle, about 40 minutes away. It's really a pretty cool castle located on an island that you have to go to another island to get to. Its all connected by tiny bridges though, so no boats!

Traki Castle was built in the 14th century to be a nobles home. It was occupied for a few hundred years, but then was no longer the cool place to be. It fell into ruin. In the 17th century the Russians attacked it, even though there really wasn't much going on here. As all the bridges had been destroyed there wasn't much access. The ruin just sat there. Luckily it was never mined for other buildings. In the 1960's restoration was begun. This took about 30 years.

Today the castle has a few odd collections in it. There are loads of medieval coins and several hundred clay pipes. There is also the mandatory collection of furniture. The thing that was missing was a detailed history about the castle.

I grabbed a hot dog before heading back to the bus stop. One the way there were 4 girls walking across, they refused to move over so I could pass and actually pushed me off of the side walk. What is wrong with these people?!?!

While I was waiting for the bus I met two friendly Aussie chicks. They too had complaints about how rude people were. At least I wasn't alone in that thought. Thankfully we did manage to meet the one friend Lithuanian there is and she helped us find the right bus. The ride back was quite nice as we chatted the whole way. One of the girls told me a story about loosing her pants in a park in Pampalona.

Back at the hostel I made an early dinner. The cleaning lady yelled at me to clean everything up. I had just sat down with my pasta. Was I meant to clean the plate before I could eat the food? I felt really uncomfortable hanging out there and had a late bus. I went back to the bar I had met Chad at, I was sorta hoping that I would run into him again. As luck would have it I did and we spent a couple of hours talking before I went to get my stuff at the hostel.

At the hostel the woman at reception yelled at me for making a mess while making tea. I hadn't even been in the kitchen. I have no idea why she would blame me and not one of the 2 dozen drunk Latvians that were running around like crazy people. I hated this hostel and I was beginning to really despise Lithuania as well.

I had never been so happy to get on a night bus before. All I could think was thank god I was leaving the country full of rude and disagreeable people!

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