Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Like A Walk In The Park

Day 216
I was up early, guess because of the early night. It was Monday and I knew that everything would be closed. I decided to head to Lazienkowsk Park in the southern part of the city. Before I got there though I stopped by the American Embassy to see if they could help me vote, they couldn’t. I also made a stop for some tea and to write in my journal.

The park was full of autumn colors and was really beautiful. I was looking for a particular castle with a moat around it. I kept hearing a low crashing sound around me. It turns out that some type of nut or seed kept falling from the trees. They were just about big enough to fill the palm of my hand and very hard. I felt lucky that none had fallen on me when I wasn’t paying attention. I then saw a peacock. There was only one, it was kinda odd. There were a lot of pretty red squirrels around. I was hoping that one of them would stay still long enough for me to take a picture. Instead of running away he started to run at me. An animal bit would really put a damper on things and I ran away. I didn’t know that a walk in the park could be so dangerous. On the cute side there was a little girl feeding bread to the ducks. She would take a chunk and then eat it and then take a chunk and feed the ducks.

When I had thought I found the castle I left the dangerous park. At the exit I found a map, I had not found the castle, just something else nearby. I was far to lazy to walk back and just headed to the down town area. I still wanted to see the castle and figured if it was closed on Sundays it must be open on Mondays, it was not.

Hungry now I went back to the milk bar. This time I got perogies and some yummy noodle and sugar thing. It was a much better meal than the day before.

At a loss I went to the internet café I had found a few days before and did as much blogging as I could and screwed around for a bit just reading things. When I was sick of this I went to see The Women. I think this was the biggest chick flick ever and I can’t decide if I liked it or not.

Back at the hostel I caught the end of the happy hour and ran into Jeanfrançois and Martin. We met Dutch Max, Canadian Tom and Kiwi Jeremy. It’s too bad more girls couldn’t have been in the group, I was a bit outnumbered. We went for a few drinks and over the next couple of hours the numbers thinned out. Jeanfrançois, Tom and I grabbed falafels before calling it a night.

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