Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Woodgen't You Know

Day 218
After saying goodbye to Jeremy and Tom (I couldn't find anyone else) I went to the train station and headed to Lodz, pronounced Woodge. I read The Golden Notebook to pass the time.

I went to the hostel that my guidebook suggested (I hadn't gotten around to booking anything) just to find out that it was under renovations. Luckily they had another property not too far away.

After picking up some food I went to check out the four kilometer long pedestrian street. There were a lot of interesting and odd statues, including one of a guy playing a winged piano that played music for $.75 until the neighbors complained. Another guy was climbing up the side of a building while reading a paper.

When I reached the main square I turned around. Luckily on the way back I found the tourist office where I got a lot of info about the town. Staying here for just another morning will be hard. There is a lot to do here.

Back at the hostel I sorted through the info I had been given, read my book and wrote in my journal. I made myself some dinner too. I had a 10pm curfew though and eventually I got bored and just went to sleep.

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Anna said...

łódź is too much dirty and ugly, like for me. But in fact - there`ll be a lot of modern trains and roads, becouse łódź is the main place, where all roads and trains are going around - to Lublin,Warszawa,Kraków,Poznań etc.