Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gumming things up

Day 261
I had thought that I would nod off the second that I sat down on the plane. This wasn’t the case and I spent another flight awake and watching movies. At least there were plenty to choose from. On the plane they handed out a list of items that aren’t allowed into the country, chewing gum and DVD’s were on the list. I had a partial pack of gum in my check luggage. I figured that I would just throw it away if they were going through things. It never came to that though. I didn’t get my luggage until after immigration and they didn’t ask about it.

Getting the metro was easy. At one point I almost knocked over a small woman with my bag. I apologized and she was really nice about it. She then asked me if I had something book and suggested a rather high end place that I had read about. I replied that I’m on a budget and am headed to Little India because there are several hostels there in a small area. She told me to be careful because there were Indians there. I think I had that one figured out from the beginning.

This first hostel I picked had space and I moved in. The first thing I did was take a much needed shower and put on some clean clothes. I was really feeling rough after all that traveling. I wanted to try and stay awake as long as possible so I went shopping for some much needed sunscreen. I then found an internet café to tell everyone that I am alive.

While I was wandering I looked for dinner. Nothing looked edible to me. I really don’t know what I am going to do if this continues. I ended up getting some Pringles and water from the nearby 7-11.

I spent the evening chatting to some people at the hostel but mostly just called it an early night.

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Anna said...

You don`t travel by a cheap planes,I see.I`ve never seen dvd movies on the plane,and I was in Cracovia-Paris plane,Cracovia-Tunisia and Cracovia-London. All by cheap planes. Tea and cookies,but not dvds :P