Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Day 295
Owen, the Enlgish guy, had an early boat and said goodbye early. I was glad to have the room to myself. I was really tired though and couldn't even be bothered to wake up for my free breakfast.

When I did get up I went for breakfast at a place that served Western food. I also went for a massage. There are spas every three feet here and an hours massage is only about $5 and very affordable. I was slightly weirded out though when I realized that the woman giving me a massage had an awful lot of facial hair. It wasn't a woman.

When my massage was over I spend a few hours just wandering around and checking out the town. I saw the bomb memorial and lots of decorated alters and even bought some sovieners. When I went back to my hotel I rented a dvd player and some dvds from my hotel to kill the time until midnight. While I was walking back a little kid had some sort of claw mask toy and chased me with it until he managed to pinch my butt. His family members looked embarassed but I just laughed and took his picture with it.

Around 9 pm I decided to heard out. It was New Years after all. At the first bar I went to I met some nices Aussies. I ended up sending the rest of the evening with them. For midnight we headed out to the main square. There were some fireworks but it was all rather anti climatic for what I had expected. After midnight everyone went to a club but it wasn't really my scene so I headed back to my hotel to sleep. I couldn't believe that it was 2009, where in the world did 2008 go?

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