Thursday, December 18, 2008

Right Fit

Day 282
I got myself together before 7 and was ready for breakfast the minute that the hotel people were ready to feed me. I love free breakfast with my hotel! In no time I had taken two different mini buses to the big square where I could get the long distance mini bus. I was headed to a place called Bukittinggi. I thought I would sleep on the bus, but it was really too uncomfortable and I spent the time looking out of the window.

Once I got to Bukittinggi I had some problems finding a place to stay. I couldn't walk around with my things forever because of my foot and I ended up giving up and staying at a place that cost US $19 a night. That doesn't sound like a lot, but its the same amount that I have been spending per day here. I would, however, get hot water for a change.

While I was eating lunch a guide tried to sell me his services. I didn't really care for him but I did get a price range and he told me about a cheaper hotel. Whe n I had finished eating I headed up there and made a reservation for the following night. I also checked the tour prices there. This is the time when being one person kinda sucks. With the first guy I would have had to pay extra to go with just me and with the second people I couldn't go at all. As I was headed back down the hill I saw a small pink building with an advert for tours on it. I went in and met Eddy. His English wasn't great, but he was really enthusiastic and nice. He also cut me a nice deal for two days worth of a tour. The condition was that we would be going by motorbike. This scared me a bit, but it is the way that people get around here so I figured that I should try it at some point. He told me that he had an extra helmet and showed me his drivers license. Not that I know what an Indonesian drivers license looks like.

Bukittinggi is mostly known for the things around it, not in it. However, there was an nice market to check out. After wandering the stalls for some time I started to head back. Where ever I go in this country people (both men and women) want to chat. Everyone has someone who they know who once went to states or a distance relative in New York that they think I might know. I can't tell you how many times I've had to reply that it is a huge city with a whole lot of people in it. They also tell me how much they love Obama and how he came to Indonesia once. I don't really mind, but sometimes it gets a bit exhausting.

On the way back to my hotel I stopped at an internet cafe for a bit. It was beyond slow and after some time I just gave up. Back at my hotel room there was a few hours to wait before there would be hot water so I killed the time by reading. The last thing I did that night was venture to a nearby place for dinner. I had walked to much though and my foot was very angry with me. I ended up calling it an early night.

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