Friday, January 16, 2009

Bangkok or Bust

Day 310
I had made a snap decision the night before. I wasn't going beach hoping as planned, but rather I would head straight to Bangkok. My burned feet were only part of the decision. I didn't want to waste a week doing the same thing. Plus, the beach is expensive.

My boat didn't leave until 3:30 and I had some time to kill. I had a long breakfast and then spent some time at the internet cafe working on the blog. For lunch I went to the bagel place, who knows when I will see on of these again. The book I was reading was called Mr. Strange and Mr. Norrel. It was about English magic and quite good.

The boat ride was much better than the day before, I slept through most of it. One we were off the boat the various bus companies herded us the correct way. We each wore a sticker indicating where we were going. The bus ride to the office where we would get the bus was a backpacker cattle car. We had to wait there for a while, the bus left an hour late. There were two very drunk English guys yelling and falling over as well. I couldn't believe that they were actually allowed on the bus.

I got lucky because I had two seats to myself, I was seated in front of the staircase from the lower level. The drunk guys were behind the staircase. They continued to drink and were loud and vulgar until they thankfully passed out. I had taken some tylonal pm to help me sleep, I knew that there were be no comfortable positions to find with my burnt legs. I was happy that I did manage some sleep despite the noise and discomfort.

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