Friday, January 30, 2009

Lie In

Day 323
The last several days had been really exhausting with all the late nights and early mornings. I really needed a day to sleep in and take it easy.

Dezzi knocked around noon to say goodbye and I then went back to sleep. Around 2 I got up and went out to eat. Afterwards I spent a while at an internet café. I had about 500 pictures to organize!

I grabbed some take away and took it back to my room to read for a bit. Around 9 Nicole came by and asked it I wanted to grab a drink. A short while later we were at a place with live regge music. We ended up meeting some other local girls and hanging out with them until the bar closed. Neither of us felt like a club so we found a camper van bar and chatted to the other people around us before calling it a night.

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