Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do Not Pass Go

Day 345
After 12 hours on the bus Nicole and I were exhausted and hungry. There wasn't any time for this though. At the bus station in Xam Seu we were directed to the smaller station. In no time we were over there. Here we found out that there was only one bus a day at that it left at 7:40 am. The man who told us this thought that it was hilarious that we had paid to get out there and would have to pay to get back into town. I was in no mood for this, but I have learned that yelling gets one nowhere here. Instead I told him calmly that we had been traveling for about 30 hours straight and that I found his laughter to be rude and upsetting. He stopped.

Back in the town center we quickly found a guest house and took desperately needed showers. We then found the only restaurant in town and got some buffalo steaks. Here we were entertained by a little boy dancing with silk flowers.

As there is nothing to do in Xam Neu we headed to the internet cafe and tried to get caught up. Me with the blog and Nicole with her mass email home. We couldn't stay as long as we had wanted though because we were running out of kip and there weren't any ATM's around.

We killed a few hours reading in our room before heading out. We tried to find a different place to eat, but there wasn't any. After dinner Nicole wanted to go to the only nightclub in town for a beer. I am so sick of Lao night clubs. They all have bad sound systems and play bad music, but agreed to go for one drink. I was really greatfull for the 11pm curfew in Lao and collapsed in my bed as soon as we got back.

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