Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Day 333
There are a lot of caves around Vang Vieng and I had really wanted to see them. The paths were a bit rough going though and I really needed to stay off of my foot. My stupid left foot.

I told Nicole to go though and she headed off on her own after we had breakfast. I was really happy with the new movies in my ipod so I went off to get some more. While I waited I did some work on the blog and got caught up with my email. The internet is painfully slow, making this a very difficult process.

When I was done I grabbed some lunch and then headed back to my room to watch the movies. I was just drifting off for a nap when Nicole returned. For dinner we picked an Indian place. The food was ok.

Earlier in the day Nicole had met some Lao guys who were staying at our guesthouse and in Vang Vieng for a teachers conference. They had invited us to have a drink with them. We showed up with some Beer Lao, but they weren't there. When we were done we once again tried to watch a movie, but headed back when we saw the room was occupied.

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