Saturday, February 14, 2009

V Day

Day 337
The night before Nicole and I had decided that we would sleep in the next day. We had had several early mornings and needed a break. I woke up around 9 and saw that she was still asleep, so I went back to sleep. She did the same thing. This happened a few times until we realized that it was almost 3 pm. Hmm, two people who can sleep forever traveling together doesn't bode well. We then chatted and took our time getting ready and didn't actually leave until 5pm. Luckily we had bought some Laughing Cow and some baggetts the day before and had something to nibble on.

When we did leave we didn't go very far, just around the corner for some chocolate cake. It was already too late in the day for the sites on our list. After the cake we went to an internet cafe for some time. I'm really behind with blog so it was good for me to have a few hours to try and catch up.

For dinner we went to the Lao Lao bar. The service was terrible. They forgot half our order and took over an hour to bring us the first bit. When we were done we were still hungry and went down the street to Hive bar. We ordered pizza there, but when it came it had olives on it, we had ordered the Hawaiian pizza. Neither of us eat olives so they gave it to another table for free. The kitchen was closed so they wouldn't make us another one. They also took away the free beer that came with it!

Valentines day was really a bust so we just cut our losses and headed back to the guest house.

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