Friday, February 27, 2009


Day 350
We decided to stay in Hanoi one more day. We were still waiting for our passports to come back from having extra days added and really didn't want to have to come back to Hanoi for them. Of course, we had done all we wanted to do here so we decided to be lazy.

This all started with ordering in lunch. After a bit I went out to get my hair cut. I found a place that didn't look too seedy. One of the women getting her hair done there spoke some English and I thought that she had told them that I wanted a wash, cut and blow dry. Before I knew it I was motioned to sit in the chair. I pointed out that I just wanted a trim. She then wet my hair with a spray bottle and began to cut. So much for the wash I thought. An older woman who was also getting her hair cut came over and started stroking my hair. She told me that it was very beautiful.

When the cut was over I was lead to the place to get my hair washed. This wasn't a normal seat, you basically laid down for it and your head rested on a pillow. My feet dangled way over the edge and they got a stool for me. They asked if I wanted a massage as well and it seemed to be the thing everyone was doing so I said yes. This was a big mistake.

The woman spent a bit of time on my neck and shoulders, but most of the time she was poking at my face. This included putting too much pressure over my eyes. Occasionally she would put something else in my hair and then wash it out. The last time she spread the soap over my ears and then stuck her fingers in and moved them in a circular motion in my ear canals. This did not feel good and I was glad when she stopped. My ears had been violated!

When the wash/massage was finally over it was time to blow dry my hair. At least four different women took turns doing it. I have no idea if they even all worked there!

After my hair cut I went back to the hotel to see how Nicole was feeling. I was also happy to see that our passports were back. I'm glad we stayed the extra day.

That evening we ordered some pizza and watched Becoming Jane followed by Miss Potter before calling it a night.

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