Friday, March 27, 2009

Full Circle

Day 380
We were picked up at 8:30 am and by 9 we were on the bus and on our way to the boarder. We didn't have aircon, but there was a nice breeze and I slept for most of it anyway. After a few hours we were at the boarder. Getting out of Cambodia wasn't a problem. Ignoring all the children that were begging was harder. We then walked for about 10 minutes and past a casino to the Thai boarder. Here immigration was also easy and we each received the standard 15 days.

It was very very hot out and we were both overloaded with all the things we had collected in Asia. The walk to the minibus was long and I thought I would never make it. Luckily the aicon was very strong and in no time I was almost cold. I soon fell asleep. Around 5 pm we pulled into Bangkok and by 6 we had a hotel. My time in SE Asia was officially over. Now all I needed was an Indian visa and then I could be on my way.

Once we had both showered we headed out for some street food and then to have a crazy night in Bangkok, our last. We ended up meeting Mr. Bangkok at a street bar. Mr. Bangkok is a bit of a legend, he drives up and down Kao Sahn Road in a very decorated cyclo. He is also very touchy feely and even when I told him to stop he carried on. I was glad when we left that bar. Nicole and I didn't make it back to our room until the sun was up.

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