Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Paddies

Day 370
Nicole headed off early and I stayed in bed. She was headed to the Chi Chi tunnels and I had no desire to see them. I spent an easy morning eating and then watching tv.

Nicole came back for a late lunch and we had plans to visit the last museum on our list afterwards. We went to a curry place and just dawdled too long there. We ran out of time and the museum closed. Instead we went back to our hotel room, it was St. Patrick's day after all and we had a party to rest up for. Last year I was in Portsmouth and there wasn't anything going on. This year I wanted to make sure I found something fun to do.

After a late dinner we went to the place we had been to the night before. There are a few Irish pubs in Saigon, but they are quite a ways from our hotel. The place we picked had been putting up decorations the night before and was in the middle of the backpacker area. We knew it would be good. I just wish that we could have gotten some green beer! The place was packed and there was exhaling room only inside. Nicole stayed inside dancing while I chatted with Michael and some Belgian friends of his outside. There were some people milling around trying to sell things to the people outside. One was a little girl who couldn't have been ten who I watched take a cyclo all by herself. She was selling flowers.

For all my talk about a late night I still went back before Nicole. I'm glad that we picked a place so close to our hotel, that way she couldn't get lost!

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