Thursday, March 19, 2009


Day 372
We were up early and packed quickly. Despite this we still needed to hurry and almost missed our bus. Our time in Vietnam was drawing to a close. Our next stop, Can Tho, would be our last real stop here.

After another posh bus ride we arrived in Can Tho. It was really hot and the room we got was way up on the 5th floor. I pretty much collapsed as Nicole kindly took care of all the plans for the next day. The aircon we paid extra for never seemed to kick in and I thought that I might melt.

We had dinner at our hotel and I ordered the crab. I was happy to see that they pulled it out of a tank. For those who may not know it, I grew up in Maryland and in Maryland you eat Chesapeake Bay crabs whenever possible in the largest quantities possible. We steam them alive with loads of Old Bay spice. It's just heaven. Here I was getting one beer steamed crab. It was on the very large and heavy side though. Still, I knew that one would never fill me up. When it arrived I took my time tearing it apart and making sure I got all of the meat, just as my mom taught me when I was a kid. It was pretty good too, but nothing is as good as a Chesapeake Bay blue!

I was still hungry so we went to a place that our guidebooks recommended. I got a second dinner and Nicole ordered some beer. After sitting there for a bit we checked out a very odd looking Ho Chi Mihn statue as we wandered back along the Mekong. I didn't really want to stay out late so I headed back up to the room when we got back to our hotel. Nicole decided to stay downstairs and have another drink. Apparently a dirty man squatted down on the sidewalk and didn't take his eyes off of her. She thinks that if she had anywhere to go besides just upstairs he would have followed her. I'm glad that she didn't decide to just stay at the place that I had had my second dinner at.

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