Sunday, April 12, 2009


Day 397
When I woke up I decided to pay for the night even though I was going on a night train. It wasn't much money and I really wanted to be able to shower after walking around all day in the heat. The hostel breakfast was just as bad as it had been the rest of the time I was here. I ran into Gabrielle and we chatted for some time before he left to do a Bollywood shoot again.

I had already completed my to do list in Mumbai (I would have been out the night before if there was space on the train) so I found an aircon coffee shop and wrote for a while. When it was time for lunch I went to a place called Indigo with amazing eggs Benedict and wrote some more. When my hand grew tired I went to the internet cafe to update and plan. China and Russia are up next and both require some forethought.

After showering and packing I met Imran for a drink before going back to pack the last of my things. The first cab I found wanted to charge me 400 rupees to go to the train station. That was more than what my ride from the airport had cost with tip! I told him that I wanted to use the meter, he tried to get me to bargain but I told him I couldn't be bothered to even talk to someone who was so clearly dishonest. The next cab I found used his meter, the trip cost 80 rupees and I gave him a 20 rupee tip.

As soon as I got to the station I was able to get on the train. It was nice and air conditioned. I had an upper bunk and brought my big bag up there with me. I slept with it under my feet. I was so tired from the sun that I was out in no time.

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