Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

Day 404
I was up pretty early, I wanted to beat the heat and I had gone to sleep early as well. After some breakfast I headed for a long walk through a non touristy part of town.

After about a 15 minute walk I came to the Patwa-ki-Haveli, or a really pretty old house. The entrance fee was bit steep though and I decided to just enjoy the outside. Once I passed some goats I turned a right and ended up at the Desert Culture Museum.

This museum was a labor of love by a retired history teacher. After checking out the slightly worn exhibits on my own he insisted on giving me a tour. he pointed out the same things I had just looked at. The only different thing was a non pictorial version of the karma sutra that his father had given him as a wedding present. He then went on to tell me that people don't bother to read it any more and Indians no longer have good sex. This was way more than I wanted to hear from him. He just kept talking and talking and I had problems trying to figure a polite way out. He continued on telling me that he was married when he was 10 and his wife 5, but that they did not have the consummation ceremony until he was 20. His first experience with a woman was at age 17 with a prostitute! Eventually I just told him that I had another museum to go to and was able to get away. It was really very weird.

Next up was the the dusty and small Folklore Museum, it was owned by the same guy. I didn't stick around here too long, there wasn't much to look at and nothing was explained.

Nearby was a large pond or small lake. There was a really pretty gate and some surrounding buildings here. You could rent paddle boats and I saw a few kids across the way harassing some water buffalo.

By the time I had finished seeing everything it was hot hot hot, about 110 degrees. After a bit of walking I found an ice cream place and grabbed a booth to cool down. There were two young boys whose job was to bring water to everyone. They literally hung over the edge of my booth just staring at me. Eventually the guy working the cashier told them to stop it, but every chance they had they were staring right at me. It was a bit weird.

It took me 20 minutes to walk back to my hotel and I was gross. I quickly took a shower and then just sat in the fan room. I didn't want to dare and venture out again until dinner. When it grew dark I headed out. After a quick dinner I spent some time at the internet cafe before heading back to my room. I was actually headed out on a night train to Pushkar. I was packed and ready to go just after 11pm.

At the train station I had to wait some time before boarding. I ended up in a bed near a very loud snorer, I didn't get a bit of sleep on the entire trip.

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Anonymous said...


good to hear you're blogging again and you made it to India.
Weird guy in that museum, it seems.
Where are you headed now?

Take care!

greetings from Ecuador, making my way up to Panama to cross the Pacific pond -