Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things To Do

Day 392

Today was my last day in Thailand, finally. I wanted to leave with only good memories and decided to slowly take care of the chores that I had to do.

First I hauled 4 bags to the post office in a tuk tuk. Once there I packed up a box, it weighed 13 kilos, absolutely massive. It felt good to get rid of so many things. My load would definitely be lighter for a while at least.When that was through I decided to not get a tuk tuk because I didn't want to haggle and I began to walk to the Indian Embassy. On the way I stopped at a mall and picked up the things I had run out of like band aids and safety pins. The latter were especially hard to find.

At 4pm I was waiting for my passport. There was a huge number of people here. I guess a lot of people got stuck like me. After about an hour I had my passport back with a shinny new Indian visa in it. On the way back it began to rain and I killed some time in an internet cafe before walking back to my room. After showering and packing I went out for one more drink on Kao San and said goodbye to Thailand. Back in my room I quickly fell asleep.

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