Sunday, April 5, 2009


Day 389

I've been having flashbacks to the places I have been. I'm just not always sure just where those places are. Sometimes I don't know if they are from this trip or another one. Most of them are from the past year. Most of them are from Europe. It all seems very long ago but really isn't. Funny how memories become shadows so quickly. Thank goodness I have written everything down!

After 4 months in South East Asia I've grown used to the travel style here. I no longer have a heart attack when crossing the street. I've learned to not even bother looking, just to go and hope that noone hits me. I also haven't booked anything in advance here. It will be weird doing that again in Europe.I do like traveling here, but am sick of the tourist price. I'm tired of being stared at funny and haggling for everything. Perhaps this is an area best traveled in moderation for me. Perhaps I should just go to India where it will all be ten times worse.

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