Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whats Your Sign

Day 408
I got my act together as well as a whole bunch of things to send home. I had decided to not mess with the tuk tuks and to just walk everywhere instead. After a while I got a bit tired and ended up stopping at a coffee shop to refresh myself. When I really couldn't carry my bag any further I grabbed a cyclo.
The post office was a bit weird. I didn't have a box so they sewed a white linen envelope. I'm really glad that I didn't have anything breakable in there. After it was wrapped up I was told not to wait in the line but rather net to it. I think I would have been helped faster if I had waited in line. I even tried to get in the line at one point and was told to go back. Eventually the person who I was waiting for acknowledged e and I was soon on my way.

After some negotiation I got a cyclo to take me to the City Palace. It was more expensive than I was willing to pay and the stuff inside wasn't all that interesting so I decided to skip it. Instead I headed around the corner and had my picture taken by a 150 year old camera. I now cant seem to find the picture anywhere. I'm sure that it will turn up. After taking a picture of the amazing Palace of the Winds I headed to the Jantar Mantar Observatory.

This was more like a modern art park than a 400 year old observatory. I had elected to not get a guide and there weren't any explanations at all. I ended up just taking pictures and then resting in the shade for some time.

When I was done I got another cyclo and had him take me to a Pizza Hut that was close to my hotel. I hadnt had pizza in India at all and I really wanted to do some writing in the air conditioning if possible. I spent several hours there, I think I began to annoy everyone actually. It was dusk when I began to walk back to my hotel. On the way I stopped at a travel agent to book some tickets but nothing was available. I ended up going to the train station instead with the hope that I could get a tourist quota ticket. None of those were available either and I had to change my plans a bit.

I then walked back to my hotel and spent some time at the internet cafe there before having a small dinner and calling it a night.

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