Saturday, May 2, 2009

Erotica Part 2

Day 417
I was up early and after breakfast decided that I had time to walk to one of the further away temples that I wanted to see. After a long walk I realized that I didn't have the back up battery for my camera. I had just enough juice for the Duladeo Temple and nothing else.

This was a Jain temple and wasn't as well done as the others, the karmasultra scenes were still there.

I had to go back to my hotel and after a few minutes I got tuk tuk. When I got back I ran into the cyclo driver that I had spoken to me the day before and said that I might use him to take me to the temples. I told him that I only had 3 hours as I wanted to shower and pack before check out time. He said ok, we settled on a price and off we went.

After about 20 minutes we were at teh Chaturbhuja Temple, the only one in the area lacking in erotic carvings. It was still a beautiful temple, this isn't just about dirty stuff.

Next up was an enclosure of several Jain temples. The first was called Shanti Nath. This was onl yabout 100 years old and was more of a building that held pieces of other temples that have not survived the centuries. The display was really quite well done. Adjacent was the smaller Adinath Temple. It looked more like a Jain temple than a Hindu temple. Scattered nearby were other smaller and unnamed as far as I could tell they were unnamed. The Parsvanath was the largest in the group and was under restoration. I was still able to get some good shots though and I found the most famous of the carvings, one of a woman pulling a thorn from her foot and another of a woman putting on eye makeup.

After the Jain temples came the Varna Temple dedicated to the dwarf incarnation of Vishnu. It was only ok, there were a lot of elephants.

Just outside of a small village was the Javari Temple. The crocodile entrance was the best bit. I was really starting to get templed out though.

We stopped at one more small temple that I don't know the name of before heading back. The whole thing took 2 hours. I had no problem paying what we agreed, but I was really annoyed when he asked for more money.

After showering and packing I put my things in storage and headed out for some food. Afterwards I spent a few hours at the internet cafe.

Around 4:30 pm I had a tuk tuk take me to the train station. He told me that I could try and drive it if I wanted, but I decided that it was safer if I didn't. The Khajuraho train station is only three months old, I'm pretty lucky, it used to be much more difficult to get here. After climbing to my top bunk I soon fell asleep.

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