Friday, May 22, 2009

Viva la Resistance

Day 437

I woke up to pouring rain and wanted to just go back to sleep. Then I remembered that my clothes were outside. I ran out. About half of them had been under an overhang, the rest were still rather wet. I brought them in to dry in my room. Then I tried to sleep some more. Eventually I just gave up and took a shower. Over breakfast I said goodbye to Mica, Gil and the English guys. They were sticking around, I was moving on.

Once I was packed with my rain cover on my bag I headed out. In minutes I was on a bus bound to Yangshuo, I even had managed to get the locals price. When I got there I was really confused though because stupid Lonely Planet had only given the phonetic pronunciation of the main street name and the translation was what was on all the signs. Eventually I just found it on my own. I had planned on staying at a hostel but didn't like walking in the rain so just got a hotel for about the same price anyway.

After my things were in my room I headed out for lunch. There wasn't much to do in Yangshuo, I would need to rent a bike to see the outside bits. Instead I spent some time wandering the stalls looking at things. I didn't want to bargain though, it was a rather angry process here and I didn't want to fight. Not even a Mickey Mao shirt could change my mind.

In the end I just went to my room and read for a while. For dinner I went to a place that showed movies and ended up seeing Mall Cop. Stupid funny is ok sometimes. After dinner I went to a pub to write, but ended up chatting with the very friendly bar tender. Around midnight I called it a night and went to sleep.

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