Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back in Time

Day 469

I woke up and was still hours away from Ulaanbaatar. After some time reading I fell asleep again. Around 2pm the train pulled in. I hadn't even used my ipod for the entire trip, it hadn't been so bad. At the train station I was greeted by someone from my hostel and climbed into a van with a lot of other people. In no time I had checked in, showered, and booked a tour for the next day.

When the chores were done I headed out for some hot food, my first in some time. On the train I had only eaten bread and laughing cow cheese. My meal wasn't so hot, it was super greasy and I had problems getting it down. The rice even had katchup on it, weird.

After eating I went to the internet cafe to let everyone at home that I had finally made it to Mongolia. I also worked on the blog for a while. It wasn't until I was done did I realize that not only was I staying in a communest era building, but even the playground looked communist!That evening I stayed in and called it an early night.

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