Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feeling Naked

Day 457
I couldn't find the bus I needed so I ended up taking a cab to my hostel. Once there I dropped off my things and had some breakfast. I also got the name of the place that could fix my camera. It took some time, but I eventually made it there. The guys working there were quite nice but didn't speak any English. We used an online translator to communicate. They assured me that they could fix my camera. I talked them into fixing it over night instead of in a few days before heading out.

Without my camera I really didn't have much on my plate. I spent a few hours on the internet before heading to the train station. I had to book my ticket to Mongolia. The place to do this is not at the train station though, its at a hotel. No one spoke English well enough to tell me where it was so it took me a while to find it. Once I got there I had a ticket in minutes.

I then picked up some books before heading back to the hostel. I had planned on writing in my journal, but ended up watching some movies and then playing some drinking games with other people at the hostel, including Alicia from Texas.

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