Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Funneling Thru

Day 455

Despite the fact that my train to Pingyao arrived at 6 am I still laughed at the sign that told me to follow the pedestrian funnel. Chinglish is quickly becoming my favorite language. I was picked up by a person from the hostel and told that I would be in the female dorm. This was nice because I had it all to myself. After checking in I quickly fell asleep.

When I came to I headed straight to the train station to get my ticket out of here. I got what I wanted and then headed back to the historic walled bit of Pingyao.

The ticket prices here are quite reasonable and one ticket gets you into al lthe attractions. Pingyao was the first city in China to have a bank. They soon expanded it all over the country. This brought a lot of money into the city in a short time. The bank crashed after about 50 years and the city had been left in the same condition. Oddly, there aren't any banks here now. The first place I went to was the original bank itself, it was called the Rishengchang House. It looked more like a house than a bank, however there was a room where the tellers would have been. Next up was the Post Office Art Museum, followed by the Wei Tai Hou Museum. They all looked the same. I was beginning to see a pattern.

At this point my camera battery died. I went back to the hostel thinking that I would just wait for it to charge and then move on to some more sites, however I got distracted. Once I put in a movie others followed. I stayed in for the rest of the night watching movies.

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