Monday, June 1, 2009


Day 447
I took my time waking up and chatted to a fellow New Yorker over breakfast. I can't remember his name now.

He came with me to the Propaganda Poster Museum, I had looked up its correct location online. The museum was pretty interesting. The poster were arranged according to date. The style was much like other communists posters. They promoted workers and were anti-American. Some very anti-American. After Nixon's visit in the 70's things began to change. I don't think new ones are produced, well, just copies of the old ones and pictures of Mao.

The two of us then headed to the Bund area. This is basically a promenade type thing with big buildings. After some wandering and a really yummy lunch we tried to find the history museum. It turns out that he had already been and I was going to go alone so we split up. He was kinda annoying me anyway. I then decided to just go to the mall to write in my journal for some time. My feet were still really aching and I wanted a rest, not a museum.

One the way back to the hostel I stopped at the train station and picked up a ticket to my next destination. There was an automatic machine and it was really easy. Back at the hostel I tried to do some work on the internet but ended up chatting with others instead before calling it a night.

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