Sunday, June 7, 2009


Day 453
The room I was in lacked windows. I kept waking up thinking that it was still night time. When I did get up I chatted with the nice Canadian girl for ages. It was also raining and really not motivating me to get my act together.

In the end the Canadian girl and I decided to get massages. This was by far the weirdest one I have had yet, it was also the most painful. At one point I think he was poking sticks into my feet. It hurt so badly blisters would have felt liek a relief. Then came the part where I was laying on my stomach and he climbed up on my back and even stood on me! If I was alone I would have been really freaked out!

After the massage I headed to the train station to get my ticket for the next evening. It wasn't raining that hard when I had left but by the time I got there it was pouring and I was soaked. I did manage to get the ticket I wanted though. I even took the bus back to my hostel. Once there I had just enough time to shower and meet with Saundra from NYC and the Canadian girl whose name I embarassingly can't remember and who's email I can seem to locate in my book.

That night I stayed up a bit later and hung out with the Dutch guys again. A local man brough us several beers. We went to buy him a round but the bartender had cut him off. He was very very drunk. When he saw that we didn't have a beer for him he got really angry and started yelling. At least they finally threw him out after that. When my beer was gone I decided to call it a night.

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