Sunday, July 19, 2009


Day 494
The nice things about going to bed early is that you wake up early. After making myself some eggs (a nice side effect to staying in one place for almost a week, eggs don't travel well) and showering I headed out.

After crossing the Neva River I got to the Kunst Kamera. This museum was started by Peter the Great in 1714 to display his collection of preserved deformed fetuses and body parts. The aforementioned bit was actually only a small part of the museum. Most of the preserved fetuses had been collected by a Dutch doctor for research. The doctor would dress up the ones that he kept in his own collection to make them seem less gruesome. Peter actually paid people to bring him deformed bits of people. It was very, very creepy.

Along with the dead babies Peter had people collect things from all over the world. It's was like seeing someone's holiday souvenirs on display. Most of the stuff came from India and Asia, in fact, I own some of it myself. It wasn't nearly as interesting as the creepy stuff.

After some wandering and getting very lost I found the Blockade Museum. During WWII St. Petersburg had been renamed Leningrad. LG spent 872 days blockaded. There was little food, people ate rats, cats and each other to survive. On Nevsky Street (the main drag) there is a a sign from the war warning people that it was the most deadly part of the street. The museum had a lot of pictures but absolutely no English. Still, it was interesting.

I'd finished the museums I had planned for the day so I went back to the hostel to relax after lunch. I read for a bit and maybe even slept. After dinner I went to the internet cafe. I meant to get some work done, but mostly screwed around. When I got back to the hostel the bar was empty and it seemed that everyone was either out or asleep. I soon went to sleep myself

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