Friday, July 3, 2009

Gross Weather

Day 478
It was raining quite badly when I woke up. It was also later than I had expected. After showering eating and packing I reminded Jack that he had to check out by noon for the 3rd time as he had requested. I was on my own for the day and asked the hostel staff if I going to the monastery was worth it in the rain. It turns out that it wasn't.

I thought that I would visit the Decemberists houses a visit, but when I was half way there I decided that that wasn't worth it either. I got off the tram and found a place to have some lunch and write in my journal.

After writing for some time I headed to the supermarket. Most of the markets here are really annoying. Everything is behind a counter and you have to point and play charades to get what you want. Luckily this was a western style market and I was able to pick everything on my own.

Back at the hostel I said goodbye to Jack and spent a few hours working on the blog. I got quite a bit done, I was shocked. I still had light years to go, but eventually I'll get there, like when the trip is over!

The weird thing about trains in Russia is that they all run on Moscow time. Irkutsk is 5 hours ahead of Moscow. This meant that even thou my ticket said 12:50 the train actually left at 17:50. Very confusing. It was even more confusing that my train was late. Luckily a person next to me was on the same train and I was able to follow him there. He didn't speak much English, but he did tell me that he liked the New York Rangers.

My guidebook and some people I've met coming the opposite direction have said that the plascart (3rd class sleeper) wagons were hell on earth. Clearly none of those people have been in a non-ac sleeper in India. The train was down right posh compared to that. I had a top bunk and climbed right up.

The people in my annex were very friendly and tried to chat, but their English was limited so that didn't last long. Soon I was asleep.

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