Sunday, July 5, 2009

Moving On

Day 480
In the morning Anna very kindly made me some breakfast and I did the dishes.

During communist times there often wasn't enough food to be bought. To fix this a lot of people bought small plots of land outside of the city to grow veggies. Anna was heading to her families dutcha to help out and I was headed to the city center to explore.

After hunting for an atm I headed to the Regional Museum. The architect was obsessed with Egypt and it looked more like Luxor than a museum. I also couldn't figure out if I could take pictures or not, eventually I just started taking them and no one said anything.

After getting thru the dead animal section I found some dinosaurs and a boat. There were also displays on log homes and tools that we're used. It was really more interesting than it sounds. There was even a small room of icons. The basement had a large section on some of the indigenous tribes up north.

When I was done I walked for some time before finding the SV Nikolay, the boat that Lenin was transported to exile in in 1897. The man who worked there had some type of speech impediment but desperately wanted to give me a tour. He spoke very limited English but I kept nodding and thanking him. It was the only way I was going to get out of there in a timely manner.

I then wandered down Mira St. looking for a Lenin statue. This was the main drag and they had music playing on the loud speakers. It was kinda weird in a good sort of way.

Next up was an attempt at updating the blog. Both of the internet cafes that I tried where really crap though and I ended up just giving up.

I left the city center early because I wanted to make sure I was on time and stop at what I thought was a large supermarket. I was right about the market, sorta. It was more like a liquor store with some food and cleaning supplies thrown in. After waiting in line for some time it was finally my turn. I was then told that the line was closed and had to wait all over again. By the time it was my turn the woman had gotten off break from the first checkout. It was rather annoying.

After a short walk I was back at Anna's. I showered and packed up. We chatted for a while. Anna was really nice. I really need to do this courchsurfing thing more often.

Around 7 pm I left for my train. As soon as I could get on I put a movie on my ipod and fell asleep.

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