Monday, August 17, 2009

Wheels on the Bus

Day 523
I was up stupid early and packed my bags. Clarissa called a cab for me and soon I was at the bus station.

I thought I would just fall right back to sleep but it never really happened. I ended up just watching the scenery and listening to music.

Exiting Moldova didn't take long. Romania was a bit different. They were going thru everyone's bag, but when they saw my American passport they just waived me in.

When I got to Suceava a man on the bus tried to help me find a cab. It took some convincing him that I could walk, finally he left me alone. A few minutes later I was at the hostel.

High Class Hostel was run by super friendly Monica. When asked her to recommend a place for me to eat she asked if I would like some stuffed peppers, they were really yummy.

I then headed out for money and to see a bit of the town. Suceava is really quite small and it was late in the day so there wasn't much to do.

Back at the hostel I chatted with Monica for a bit and found out that the tour was on for the next day.

I made pasta for dinner and then watched Animal Planet for a while. Around 11 I called it a night.

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