Friday, August 14, 2009

Where in the World

Day 520
My bus arrived in Chisinau (Kee-shee-nau) at 5 am. I had to ask everyone if I was in the write place or not as there wasn't a sign. I thought I would wait the hour before the local buses started running, but it was really dark and no one was around. I got a cab.

The driver called the number I had to get directions. I also asked him to stop at an ATM, he said he understood, but didn't stop. He had also refused to give me a price. I was planning my argument with him when about how I couldn't pay as he didn't stop as I had requested several times. Luckily, Clarissa, the woman who runs the hostel, was waiting for me. She paid the driver for me. It turned out that I wasn't at a hostel, but rather Clarissa rents out extra rooms in her apartment. I had my own room and quickly went to sleep.

When I woke up Clarissa made me an omelet and gave me a map. She also gave me tons of info about Chisinau. I then headed out to see the city.

After a nice walk thru the park I found the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History. It was pretty good and the people working there were really nice. The best part was a woolly mammoth skeleton. There was also a very friendly museum cat.

After some more wandering I eventually found a crap internet cafe where I wasn't able to upload photos liked I needed to.

Moldova has a secret. Tiny Moldova once produced 20% of the wine for the USSR. I had looked into taking a vineyard tour, but they were really expensive. Instead I just bought some wine and drank it in my room.

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