Monday, September 21, 2009

Make it Work

Day 556
My alarm went off at 3:30 am. It really hurt. I packed up my bags out in the hallway and walked the short distance to the bus station. It wasn’t far, but it’s always a bit eerie to be out at this time with all the empty streets. Soon I was on a bus headed to Podgorica, I had never heard of it before, but this is the capital of Montenegro.

About 3 hours later I was in Podgorica. There wasn’t a bus to Pristina until 8 pm. I had a very long wait in front of me. There is nothing, and I mean, nothing to do in Podgorica. First I finished my book, then I started to get my blog up to date. I’ve been pretty good about it lately and there just wasn’t all that much to write. I also got my haircut. Every little bit I would move to a different café.

Eventually I had nothing left to read or to write. I wandered for a long time before I found the only internet café in the city. After about 2 hours there the power went out. I still had 3 hours left to kill.

I wandered back to the bus station and sat there trying not to sleep. I was beyond exhausted and I really needed a shower. A night bus was going to be torture, but at least I was tired enough to sleep thru most of it.

About 10 minutes before the bus was meant to leave I went to the desk to grab my things that I had checked all day and to find out what platform my bus would be at as it wasn’t posted. This is when I found out that the bus was canceled, had been all day. I got my money back but I didn’t get an apology or anything, just a stay in a hotel or go to Belgrade, the complete opposite direction.

After throwing a bit of a fit and started walking. I was so beyond tired at this point that I was having real issues carrying my bag and staying calm. The first hotel I came to was way too expensive but the guy working there was really nice and understood my predicament. He called a place that was further out of town but cheaper and then called me a cab. While I waited for the cab I picked up a bottle of wine. I figured I deserved it.

The room was still expensive but I had free fast internet and my own room and bathroom. I called my Mom and chatted for a bit and then called Edward. Eventually I was too tired to go on and simply went to my room and passed out.

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