Sunday, April 27, 2008

Return to Spain

Day 46
We were up early once again to catch the train to Tangier. I screwed up the time though and we just missed the first train out. Because of me we had to wait about 3 hours for the next train. It really put our whole day behind. While we waited I spent our last dirhams on snacks for the ride and Al returned to the Medina to see if anyone had any patches.

On the train we passed some pretty run down little towns. It was really quite sad. When we got to the ferry terminal we were shocked to learn that we couldn´t use our credit cards. We ended up paying in euros, but we didn’t quite have enough. I made up the difference with a 5 pound note I had kept from the UK. We got a bit ripped because of it, but at least we were getting out of Morocco.

The ferry wasn´t long, but Spain is two hours ahead of Morocco so it seemed to be very late. We didn´t have a map and out of sheer luck found the hostel I had booked for us in Tarifa with no problems.

It was too late to do much and we ended just picking up cold cuts for dinner and going to sleep. I did however, get one picture of some ponies in a field.

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Anonymous said...

Don't be so critical of yourself....big had a time one died from it. was because of that extra $$$ you had tuck away, that you were saved!
It's all good.

You'd be hot too if you just came out of the oven.