Friday, May 2, 2008

Al´s Last Day

Day 51
We were both exhausted after the bus ride, but Al was faring a bit worse than me. I guess that I am getting used to the things. Despite the confusion of exhaustion and my water bottle springing a leak we managed to get to our hotel near the airport. Right away we turned around and went back to Madrid.

Al had wanted to get some souvenirs and gifts and I needed a memory stick for my photos. We stumbled upon a different festival. Apparently this was the bicentennial for the end of France’s occupation of Madrid. The crowds were terrible and once again, nothing was open.

I managed to get my memory stick, but little else was accomplished. We ended up just heading back the 1.5 hours to the hotel (the next day I found that it was really on 35 minutes from Madrid). There was nothing near our hotel, not a supermarket, or a restaurant or anything. This forced us to have a rather expensive dinner at the hotel.

We spent the rest of the evening watching MTV reality shows (that was all there was in English) and packing our bags. Al was nice enough to take back a handful of things for me to lighten my load.

After an uneventful last day we both fell asleep, not wanting the morning to come when we would need to say goodbye.

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