Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

Day 50
There was a lot to do and very little time to do it in so we got up early in an attempt to see it all. Al had planned on visiting the Picasso Museum while I was heading to the Chocolate Museum. I had seen the Picasso Museum on a previous trip. This didn´t go as planned because both museums were closed due to it being May 1, the day of the worker. We had known about the holiday but never thought that the museums would be closed on a Thursday of all things.

We tried to regroup and visited the tourist information booth to see what was open. We didn´t have time in the morning to try and see what we could so we grabbed some ice cream and sat for a bit. Every time someone walked by with a workers day sticker on Al would say “go to work lazy, go to work.” I felt bad that he was missing out on the museum.

Our next step was to head to the Plaza de Espana to meet with Nora, one of Al´s cousins. Nora brought her 4 month old Molina with her. Nora took some pictures of the two of us as she caught up with Al. Al did his best to translate for the both of us. We weren´t able to stay long though, and soon we had said goodbye.

Al was headed off to Sagrada Familia (I´d already seen it) and I was going to explore Mont Juic. Eventually I ended up at an internet cafĂ© to once again try and get caught up with the blog.

We were early for our night bus, not sure why, its not like we were looking forward to it. Soon we were off, trying to sleep, just looking forward to getting back to Madrid.

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