Sunday, May 25, 2008

Giants and Calypso

Day 73

I got up early, I had too. On Sundays the buses here don't run very often and I was stuck conforming to their time. In fact, I had to wait about 40 minutes before the bus even showed up.

Xaghra has a megalithic temple complex called Ggantija. This was built by the temple building society that I learned about before around 3600 B.C. This temple predates the pyramids and is the oldest standing structure in the world.

The world Ggantija is because early people had thought that the structure was built by a long forgotten race of giants. The structure is all stone with no roof. It's quite large, consisting of 2 different temples. It was amazing to get to walk inside in stand in a place where people have stood for thousands of years. This was unlike anything I had ever done before. I sat there for a long time just looking at it. It wasn't until a packaged tourist group showed up that I finally decided to move on.

Around the site were a few caves, most of them are inaccessible, however, about 15 minutes down the road is Calypso's cave. Tradition has it that Gozo is the island of Oaygia described in Homers Odssey. This is said to be where the nymph Calyspo kept Odysseus a prisoner for 7 years. I don't think that all of that is true, but it did offer a really good view of the sea.

Because the bus situation was so bad I had to walk to Victoria, it wasn't far, it was just hot and I had a blister on my foot. At this point I had to decide. Do I walk about 45 minutes each way to the azure window or do I call it a day. I decided to call it a day. The heat was pretty awful and my foot was hurting. I knew that I couldn't do it, even or the picture.

I got on the next bus back to the port. I spent the rest of the evening reading my book and packing my bags for leaving the next day.

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