Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Merry Malaga

Day 54

I usually managed to get enough sleep on night buses that I can function the next day. That just wasn't the case this time around. I was reading a really good book called Sepulture by Kate Mosse and was having problems putting it down. Also, the woman next to me could not stop moving around. At one point I think she was trying to push me off of my seat, but I had the larger ass and she eventually gave up.

I waited at the bus station for the sun to come up and then headed the short way to the hostel. I was there way too early to check in so I left my stuff and went to explore.

I picked Malaga because I was a bit tired after the crazy pace that Al and I had kept and needed a break. There are a few sites in Malaga, but none of them are too terribly impressive, so if I sat around and did nothing for three days I wouldn´t feel like I had missed out. Plus, there was the beach and for some reason I felt like being at the beach.

Due to lack of sleep I didn´t want to visit anything that I knew I wouldn´t appreciate. After wandering the beach I went back to the bus station to check bus times to Granada. I even found a tourist info center and picked up a map. Eventually I just sat down in an internet cafe and screwed around on You Tube.

When I made it back to the hostel I still couldn´t check in so I decided to go to the beach. I don´t really like the beach, so I don´t know why I so badly wanted to be there. I got ready and then stood in the cold water for about 10 minutes. After that I couldn´t figure out why I was there and just went back. Thank goodness after showering it was time for me to check in and take a nap.

After napping I went back to check out the shopping area and bought a couple of shirts. I ´ve sent home my winter clothes and was left with only a couple of Old Navy tanks. I really was feeling the need to look different on occasion.

I spent the evening with a glass of wine (made by the hostel) and chatting with some of the other people staying there.

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