Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Laying Around and Finding Picasso

Day 55

I was in desperate need of doing laundry. I thought this would only take a few hours but instead it took most of the day. The dryer just took ages.

Eventually I was able to leave and headed out with Werner, a German, and Evelyn, a Dutch girl. We tried to find the Picasso Museum, but just ended up at the house he was born in. The museum there was quite small, but it was nice to see all of the photos taking throughout Picasso´s life.

We did eventually find the museum we were looking for. This has a lot of Picasso´s paintings and drawings. A lot of them were of his many lovers. Apparently he was a very busy man. There were also several paintings of his children. Some of the works were almost exactly the same, just slightly different colors. There were even some paintings he made as a teenager.

The Melting Pot Hostel in Malaga was one of the best hostels I´ve ever stayed at. The staff was super friendly and laid back. That night the hostel owners son took a group of us on a free pub crawl. We started at a Salsa place with free lessons. I didn´t join in, I´m just not that coordinated. I did watch though, it was actually pretty dirty. I don´t know how, but at each place we went Ludo got us all free drinks. Eventually I was too tired to go on and simply headed back.

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