Friday, June 20, 2008

Cheesy Day

Day 101

Today was the earliest day trip of the week. I was headed to Parma, the land of parmesan cheese. I wonder if the people are called Parmesans?

After grabbing a map I headed to the Reale Palace. I was working on a very short time period, everything seemed to close at 1 pm and had to move fast. The palace looked locked and I was about to give up with an older man asked me if I was here to see the palace. It turns out that it was also the local police headquarters.

The palace had about 6 room on display. It was easy to see that they usually were used as conference rooms. All of the rooms had large murals that looked more like they belonged on a theater set than in a very old palace. It was fun though to make up what types of stories they would go with.

My next stop was the local art museum. The museum was pretty good. Most of it was middle ages and early renaissance. There were even a few Da Vinci's. Most of the artists were local and I didn't recognize their names or styles. There was also a rather small collection of Roman statues.

Next up was a quick stop at the puppet museum. There were puppets that were several hundred years old and some from the past few years. I had a good time checking them out, but really, they were puppets and how long can you really spend looking at three rooms of puppets?

I had run out of time at this point. I thought that maybe I would get some cheese, but parmesan isn't exactly the kind of cheese you just bit a hunk out of. Instead I got a sandwich for the train ride.

Back in Milan I spent some time at the internet cafe trying to catch up on the blog. I kinda spent the time just screwing around though.

At the hostel I met a girl named Laura from Ohio. We went to a slightly more upscale place for a free dinner with drink purchase. The food was fabulous and we both stuffed ourselves. We had planned on just having a bit to eat at each place, but this wasn't going to work after the first stop. We ended up just grabbing a drink at the pub Kaitlyn and I had been to before. Afterwards we walked to the Duomo to get some pictures of it at night. By now it was late and we were both looking forward to getting back to the hostel and going to sleep.

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